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I have recently signed up with Thomas Nelson Publishers to do book reviews and post said review on my blog … in return I got to choose a book free of charge to read, review and keep.  Yeah!  

So, what did I chose as my first book, from among authors the majority of whom I had never read before?   Well, I chose a book entitled “Where is God?”  Why did I chose it?   Well basically I was seduced by the description and the promise that it included “powerful stories and practical applications”.   They had me (as they say) at “stories”.   I love stories – after all it’s how we communicate with one another.

Where is God?

The first story in the book is a recounting of a personal experience of the author’s.  And what a story: simple and descriptive in the telling, Townsend shares with us his own spiritual encounters with God during a trip to Antarctica.  Within hours he had felt the elation of a deep awareness of the closeness and awesomeness of God, then confronting his own mortality he asks the age old question “Where are you God? I need help!” and it is then that he slowly begins to experience the deep peace of God as his fears begin to subside.

The whole premise of the book is the recognition that everyone experiences some kind of personal pain and trauma in their life.   As a result of this, many will ask the question – “Where is God?”   Dr. John Townsend a Christian psychologist tries to address that question in his recently published book of the same name.

As he seeks to help us recognise that this is not an uncommon question, and that we are not alone in the asking of it, he gives us various examples of life experiences which will resonate with many.   He also tries to simply and straightforwardly point us towards God who is there in the midst, with us.

Overall I enjoyed the book.   I found it to be easy to read, engaging, and above all – helpful.  It is a book I would recommend to, not only those for whom this question looms large, but also those who come alongside them.  Why?  I felt that although scripture is quoted, the book is not saturated with references, nor is it given over to detailed expositions, which gave it the feel of someone chatting to you; trying to lead you through a critical time – a time of crisis, and for that alone, I loved it.   All too often I have heard people bombarded with scripture and “explanation” at the low periods in their lives, and rather than giving them something to build on, it has crushed them; making them believe that the fault lies with them.  

Anything negative I would have to say is of such a minor nature, that I feel it would be petty to include it.

(Acknowledgement: This is review is done as part of the Thomas Nelson’s, the publisher of this book, Blogger Review Program, http://www.booksneeze.com. In exchange for a free copy of this book that I get to keep, I agreed to read the book and then write a review of the book that is posted to my blog and to a commercial site, of which I use Amazon.co.uk)


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