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We all, no doubt, felt shock and sympathy when we saw the graphic pictures from Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake last week. Many responded the only ways they knew how, by praying and by donating to those agencies that we knew would respond quickly to the tragedy. A week or so later and the pictures are still coming into our homes, but the item is moving further down the news list. However, the horror that we have seen registered on the faces of survivors does not go away in a week or so. It is vital that we continue to pray for the Haitian people and those who have gone to help and support them, not only for what they face today, but what they will face in the future. It is also important that we continue to help practically; and if that means for many of us that we give or organise a fundraising event to support the aid agencies because we ourselves cannot go and help, then that is what we should do. Oh yes, and we should mourn with them too! These are real people; the news has shown us their faces and told their stories. This is not some disaster movie where everyone goes home at the end of the day’s filming.

The pictures and report below are from Christian Aid’s country manager in Haiti – look and listen and remember the people of Haiti in their ‘after-shock’.


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