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As we look at the world around us – the pain that so many are suffering – perhaps it’s good to just stop and remind ourselves that we are actually loved by God.   Pain and suffering are not His will for us, healing and wholeness are.  Sometimes though, it is difficult to return that love so freely given to us.   Sometimes we want to rage against God and hold back our love.   It’s always easier to proclaim our love for God when our emotions and circumstances are all in a good place, but when we’ve lost someone so dear to us that it becomes almost unbearable, those are perhaps the times we have to choose to love.

When Christ laid his life down for the world, He demonstrated what real love looked like.  It was a choice, beautiful beyond words. That’s the kind of love Circleslide sing about in their song, “Love Amazing”.

“I’ll rejoice
Though my heart aches
I’ll rejoice 
My God will save
All my needs have been replaced
With Love Amazing
With Love Amazing …”

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