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I’ve been organising two marriage ceremonies for this weekend; prayers are written, readings chosen and addresses completed.   But as I was doing this preparation I was thinking about an incident a couple of months back that happened outside a jeweller’s shop.

I think we were all drawn to jeweller’s window, not because it contained expensive, in fact overpriced jewellery, that we all wished we could own, but because it was a cold, dark, wet day and the window lighting made everything sparkly and fairytale like, and there are just times when we’d all like a bit of that dream.   You know the dream:  the one where you have all the riches of the world gifted to you either by a stroke of luck like finding buried treasure, or given to you by some unknown benefactor.   That way you wouldn’t have to be stuck in the cold, dark, wet day!

“far more precious than jewels”

“far more precious than jewels”

Anyway, there were about half a dozen people standing in silence looking at the amazing shiny objects in the window, not all of them pretty, (I’m talking about the jewellery, not the people), when one of the women pointed out a diamond and sapphire ring to her husband.   She commented on how beautiful it was and the fact that it reminded her of a ring her grandmother had. (Note: she didn’t point and say “That’s pretty.” And move on to something else.   She gave a strong emotional reason for pointing it out.)  Her husband’s comment was: “Hmm.”   She added more to what was now her story:  “I used to love trying on my grandmother’s ring it made me feel very special and grown up, and loved.”   She then read out the price tag:  £925.  Her husband turned and walked away.   She stood for a moment looking at the ring, then turned and shouted after him “If I wasn’t your wife you would buy me that ring!”

Two things happened then, the words of Proverbs 31:10 instantly popped into my mind:

An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels.

Followed by the thought – she’s probably right.  If he was still trying to woo her, there would have been acknowledgement of the story, discussion, and maybe even a purchase, or at the very least a plan to purchase in the future.  However, to the onlooker, his reaction was one of disdain, whether towards his wife or what she had said I don’t know, but it was certainly not that of someone who considered her “more precious than jewels”, or even worthy of being with, and talking to.

I don’t know what their financial status was, could be that they couldn’t have afforded the ring, (presumably she thought they could), but I do know that a grunt and turning your back and walking away doesn’t give the person left standing alone, the feeling that they are “far more precious than jewels”, be they man or woman.

Now two things:  first, I’m not advocating the purchase of jewellery to make someone feel they are a person of worth, and second, I can only talk from the perspective of someone, who like many others, occasionally wants to feel “more precious than jewels”, but equally one who recognises that sometimes I too may be guilty of taking people for granted.    

So that’s my question for today – do we let the people closest to us know that they are of worth … “far more precious than jewels”?   Or have we got into the habit of turning and walking away, either physically or mentally?   


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