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Today I was part of a group of around 70-80 who were at Inverurie West Parish Church to hear Eugene Peterson speak about “Working for the Lord of the Sabbath” – about being a Pastor and being faithful to God while fulfilling that calling. Eugene is the author of several books on pastoral theology, but is probably best known by countless Christians across the globe for his translation/paraphrase of the Bible using everyday language – The Message. The main question of the day was ‘what difference does it make that we work for the one who calls us to rest and not become addicted to our work?’

The stories, discussions and the questions were diverse and informative and as Eugene reflected on ministry, life, faithfulness, community and culture we were reminded of what it is we are actually called to do.
In a subtle way he reminded those there that their calling

• wasn’t to focus on statistics and start up every programme that was launched, as – “the way forward”.
• wasn’t to be preoccupied with keeping everyone happy.
• wasn’t about taking on so much that they were constantly on the move, afraid to slow down in case they were left behind.
• wasn’t to become so addicted to, and focused on, the fruit of their labours; being the best or having the biggest church membership, that they would lose sight of the fact that they had been given a specific responsibility.

Their calling and responsibility was to focus the community on Christ.

It was a great day, and I came away with not only lots to think about in relation to ministry and calling, but also with some amazing bite-sized pieces of information and wisdom to mull over.


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