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Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, and for me there is a growing sense that most folk skip straight from this Sunday of celebration, to the joy of Easter Morning. The numbers that participate or enter the stories of Holy Week itself seem to be getting less. So perhaps we should be doing both – celebrating the entry to Jerusalem and reflecting on the events of the Passion too.   That’s what I’ve been doing for the past couple of years; yes, we do still have services during Holy Week that tell the story and give us time to reflect, but tomorrow we will begin our service with our children entering the sanctuary waving palm fronds, and we will leave having moved through the last week of Jesus’ life, to stand at the foot of the Cross.

Below is one of the songs we will be singing … The Power of the Cross: Written by Keith Getty, sung by Stuart Townend



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 I wanted to upload something by our Worship Group who faithfully meet after choir practice on Thursday evenings to sing and pray.  The Worship Vigil that they keep is a labour of love that deserves to be recognised, (although I know they really do it for an audience of ONE), and so I looked out some photos taken mainly in the Autumn of 2009 and put the slide show together.  John writes his own songs and music, but all the recordings I have of the Worship Vigil contain other people’s work, however the song I chose has been in my mind much of late.   So thank you John, Ann and Una.  

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