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During the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2010, Christians throughout the world will be listening together to the promise and commission that are part of Christ’s final words before his ascension: “You are witnesses of these things.”  And today our theme is “Witness through hope and trust”.

Here’s some of what I said this morning:

I want to begin with a question:  Why do we come together today?

Well maybe I can only answer for myself.   

Old Parish Church Baillieston

Having been brought up in Lanarkshire, where former mining villages once thrived with immigrants from all over Scotland and Ireland, we were left a legacy of distrust over the differences we had when it came to religion. Yet in the particular village where I grew up I was also aware that we had a legacy of support for one another.

I want to share with you a short extract from a book written about the village that I grew up in, where 25 pages were given over to the impact of the various churches in that area.


St John's Episcopal Church Baillieston

St John’s Episcopal Church Baillieston was opened on the 23rd December 1850, but by 1908, St John’s was in dire financial straits.



“A Diocesan Committee was set up to decide whether St John’s was fit to continue as a charge. (more…)


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